February 13, 2022


Welcome to Brussels, Belgium. In this video, you will discover some of the beautiful sites of Brussels historical sites in the center of Brussels. St Hubert Brussels is a beautiful glass-roofed arcade in the heart of the city center of Brussels. Lots of Cafes, Theaters, and luxury shops, Galeries Saint Hubert is the first covered shopping arcade in Europe.Brussels is the capital of Europe. Grote Markt, Grand Place or The Grand Place Brussels is the city central square of Brussels. It is surrounded by the city's Town Hall, opulent Guildhalls, two large Edifices, and the King's house or Bread house building with the museum of the city of Brussels.The central square of Grand Place is the home of the biggest flower carpet in Europe held every two years.The Grand Place is Considered one of the most beautiful medieval squares in Europe where many historic buildings dating from the 17th century are located.It's an amazing view from all sides of this square. Worth a visit to Brussels just to see this square take a selfie or sit down on the floor. Its impressive view is eye-catching. Even if you're not much into history and architecture.Royal Flemish Theatre and The Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie in French, or The Koninklijke Muntschouwburg in Dutch, is an Opera house in Brussels, BelgiumHope you will like it.Happy Travel !!!